Saturday, January 5, 2008

Five Dollars

Quick blog, I hope to write longer ones at a later time.

Jen and I were going from the bank to a restaurant where we had dropped the kids (with some adults, don't worry) off before. We were stopped at a red light when one of the many street children wanted to clean our windshield and realized that he knew Jen and came to our window. Jen was talking to him, and I was the blessed to give him 100 limps. This dirty child started screaming at the top of his lungs rejoicing and was dancing on the streets. Two of his friends noticed he was excited and knew that they wanted parted of the excitement. I just happened to have two more 100 limp bills that I was blessed to give to them. I am not writing this to say how wonderful I am that I can give to these kids. It is more to say how sad 100 limps-- five dollars-- makes a child so happy. To be honest, if someone gave me five dollars as a gift, I would smile and think that they were cheap. These kids though were dancing in the streets. Five dollars, that's it.

This place will open up your eyes--over and over again.


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Hannah Clark said...

wow JT. I'm so glad that you're posting on your blog again. That post gave me cold chills. I miss Honduras mucho!! I'm so glad that you got to go down there. I know that you are loving it. I'll see you soon!