Friday, June 20, 2008

A Favor

And life seems to keep on going, with or without you.
The day that the boys left, Monica's, Fernando's, and Katty's sister came to live with us at Casa. Doris only spoke two words at Casitas Kennedy, we were told, so we knew that having her here would be an adventure. Let me just tell you, once we got Doris talking, there was no stopping her-whether she is mimicking what we say, speaking in Spanish, or just making weird noise, Doris is constantly talking. I believe that Doris is also autistic. It is obvious that she is not fully developed mentally. All this being said, she is teaching us patience. Sometimes I just want her to be a normal child, but from time to time I am so grateful for how special she is (and I mean that with my whole heart.) I used to think that behind each child who is mentally undeveloped, there is just a normal child waiting to come out. Now I don't believe that. Doris has shown me that I don't have to search within her to find a little girl who needs loved. She is right there, waiting for someone to love her for who she is.
The next Thursday, Karen walks into the office where I was writing some e-mails and says that we were getting a new boy that night. Mind you, this was around seven in the evening. Within an hour, the guard walks in from the rain, with a little seven-year-old boy in his arms. With his light skin and curly hair, I couldn't help but think of my boy Rudy. Johny was embraced by so many new people, and I think the whole five people trying to love you at once made him a little overwhelmed.
Johny was found on the streets by the head judge in Tegucigalpa and needed a place to put him. She knew that Tim Hines, one of the head honchos around here, had a children's and asked if he could do her a favor. Yep, taking Johny in was that favor. And what a favor he has been. When I heard that he was taken off of the streets, I thought he was going to continue to have the street-mentality that I have seen over and over here at Casa. But, through the grace of God, Johny has fit right into this place. Of course, there have been growing pains, but over all there haven't been that many problems.
It has been hard for me to give my heart to these kids. My fear is that once I start loving them, they are just going to leave. I know this fear is kind of ridiculous, but once you are hurt once, it is hard to forget it. I know that God will help me give of my heart to the kids, but I could use some prayers.

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