Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Back with My Kids

Yep. I'm here again. Honduras is a very expensive addiction.
So I will save you all of the details of the troubles getting down here, but lets just say that God wants me to arrive in Honduras on May 26. It has happened two years in a row. I have never planned on arriving on the 26th but it always happens.
That being said, I am here. With my kids. I am where I need to be right now. It is very apparent, especially with my son Mario. He has been having troubles recently, but since I have been here, he has been pretty good. I am not saying I have any control over him, but I understand him. He understands me. I like the bond I have with him. It is a bond I have missed. He is mine--no question.
So, I am here. I promise to write more often now that I am here. Please be praying for the kids, Casa, the workers, the thousands of interns, and my future with this place. I could use all of the prayers you could spare.


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Anonymous said...

How's it going?
-Mrs. D.